Saturday, June 17, 2017


Almost six years ago when I married
my wonderful husband, Daniel-
I became an IronWife.
(Daniel surprised me and proposed at the end of his
first 1/2 IronMan in Racine, WI 2010)
Quickly, I began to find out this new title meant:
Solo Saturdays while a 4 hour bike ride is squeezed in.
Or, biking to work instead of driving to fit a workout in the day.
Added fears that a driver won't see him,
or that he will get a flat in the middle of nowhere.
(Island Lake State Tri 2015)
Triathlon also meant- early morning swims,
brick workouts, group rides,
indoor trainers, expensive gear,
compression socks, shammy butter, gels, 
aero helmets, race entry fees, sunburns,
national championships, endless training,
and nutrition.
(ITU World Championship, Chicago 2015)
It takes a lot of effort to become good at one sport,
let alone three.
The only way to get good is to log the hours.
This was the hardest lesson for me to learn as a newlywed.
"What do you mean ANOTHER workout?
You've already worked out twice today!"
(Enka Tri Asheville, NC 2014)
I began to see that Dan's decision to do the sport
of Triathlon also meant mine.
No, I wouldn't be physically training with him-
however, I'd be filling the role of
cheerleader, schedule keeper,
meal planner, single-parent,
and paparazzi.
(Repeat race in Racine, WI 2013-where Dan proposed in 2010)
As time went on and races were completed,
I began to see the reason for my husband's
hobby-turned passion.
He has a sense of accomplishment after reaching
 his daily goals, setting new PR's,
or placing top three in his age group.
He loves to be outside, meet other triathletes,
coach beginners, have fun, and push himself.
(Enka Tri Asheville, 2014)
All of this takes--
planning, coordination, sacrifice,
balance, and teamwork.
I have learned what it means to fully support my
husband to accomplish this dream of his.
(1/2 IronMan in NC, 2014)
I'm not sure what my dream is yet, but,
I know he would and will fully support me.
This is a perfect example of unconditional love.
Moving workouts to the earliest hours in the day so
he didn't miss time with Jack in the morning.
Or, waiting until after Jack's bedtime
to work in a two hour bike.
I'm proud of Dan's dedication to put family first,
even with the extensive amount of training
 involved in preparing for an IronMan.
(Jack's first race-almost a month old in Grand Rapids, MI 2016)
The feat of a full IronMan race seems daunting--
2.4 mile swim,
112 mile bike,
and 26.2 run.
In just a few weeks, I will get to cheer Dan on
to complete his first full IronMan in Lake Placid, NY.
(Novi Tri 2016)
I'm reminded of Hebrews 12:1--
"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such 
a great cloud of witnesses let us, 
throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. 
And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."
(ITU World Championships, Chicago 2015)
We are all running a race with a very exciting finish,
eternal life with Jesus!
So, run hard, have fun, and finish well!
Go, Dan, Go!
 Jack and I are cheering you on all the way to that finish line!
(1/2 IronMan in Grand Rapids, MI 2017)
If you want to cheer with us, I'll post more info as we get closer.
Check out his personal page here: Support Dan


  1. you are a wonderful support to Dan - in training and all the time! and now you got the cheer squad to train- go Jack!

  2. You are the ultimate IronWife, Jess! We are so thankful for how you support Dan in every way! He could never duo this without you (and Jack)! #ittakestwo #lakeplacid2017 #dansfans Go, Dan, Go! Go, Jess, Go!

    1. Thanks Peter! We can't wait to have all your help in the cheer section!!